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One Week, Two Week Cytogenetics orientation program.

One Month, Two month (summer internship)

Six to One Year job oriented cytogenetic skilled development

One Month Module

Theory (Reading):

Quality Assurance training on Process rule and regulations, MSDS of reagents used in lab, Vaccutainers and its role in sample collection, Blood, DNA, RNA, Central Dogma of Molecular Biology, Chromosomes, Cell Cycle, Mutations,Genes, Immune System, Antigen-Antibodies.

Practical Observation :

Sample receiving in appropriate vaccutainer, Patient Identification and documentation, Clinical history of the patients, Maintenance of incubator, Laboratory Centrifuges, Biosafety hood and other Lab Equipments, Reagents preparation, Weighing, Preparation of cytogenetic culture, Pipette calibration.

Presentations by Trainee :

Blood, Cell Cycle, Chromosomes, Mutations, Mendelian Inheritance pattern.

Two Months Module

Theory (Reading):

Chromosome Abnormities and associated Syndromes, Cytogentics; Functions of reagents used in Cytogentics Cancer Genetics, Prenatal diagnosis (amniotic fluid, CVS, Product of Conception, Placenta).

Practical Observation :

Sample Collection, Patient Clinical details and history, Patient Identification and lab documentation, Preparation of cytogenetic culture , Media preparation of bone marrow (RPMI 1640), Aliquoting, Reagents preparation for Cytogentics culture, Patient information.

Presentations by Trainee :

Anemia, Leukemia, Animal cell culture and techniques.