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First Time in India a UNIQUE INTEGRATED REPORTING For your RPL patients

Key Differentiators

1. Transport Medium with Collection Box: Reduced culture failure

This will be providing propriety transport medium along with other essentials including test requisition form (TRF), consent forms, simple and easy to handle.

It will also contain sample collection tube for transport and collection of POC and other sample types.

2. Medically Recommended Investigations: As per recommendations

Patient Workup following recommended Guidelines from American College of Obsteristric & Gynecology (ACOG) & American Society of Reproductive Medicines (ASRM).

Investigations based on Best Practice Guidelines and personal clinical experience.

3. Accredited Laboratory Investigations only:

Processing of all laboratory samples at NABL or CAP accredited laboratory.

All process and quality check monitoring and SOPs of the partnering laboratory for Quality Assurance and quality reporting.

4. Clinical Annotation: Interpretation and Recommendation By Experts

All the results will be verified by well qualified & trained personnel’s for providing personalized clinical annotation.

Final recommendations from the Genetic expert based on the clinical findings based on the results obtained for the patient with clear cut action plan for future course of action.

5. Comprehensive Reporting:

A software generated reports summarizing the complete results along with clinical annotation.

Report will be with images, pictures; karyotype.

Final Risk score will be provided based on patient history and final results of investigated parameters.

Summary (1 Page Report) with Final Risk Score in easy simple language, Detailed Report (3-4 Pages)- Complete Details of all investigated parameters.

6. Pre & Post Test Genetic Counseling: Explaining the Results

Explaining the purpose and final results of investigation.

Genetically Counseling will be available telephonically/ documented/ personally.

Psychological Factors.

Lifestyle, Environmental, Occupational Factors.

Explaining the future treatment plan.